Taste of industrial banality

Taste of industrial banality

Contrary to European economic crisis, the artist collective Kompott reopens and reactivates the former cerial manufactory in Caldas da Rainha, Portugal, in April 2012. In cooperation with Portugese artists the collective will produce corn flakes in a laboratory situation and in a handmade process step by step.

The main focus of the project is based on economic questions of industrial production and on consequences of globalization in Europe, especially in Portugal. As Kompott has dealed with the topic of abandoned places or vacancy in other projects, the former manufactory of Caldas da Rainha will come to life again.


Project documentation
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Opening times: April 18 to 20, 2012 – 12:30 to 21:00
Location: Cereal Factory „Silos“ (map), Rua Filinto Elísio, 2500 Caldas da Rainha, Portugal

Involved artists
Nuno Miguel Bettencourt, Ulrich Fohler, Thomas Kluckner, Kristina Kornmüller, Marco Telmo Martins, Petra Moser, Ulrike Seelmann, Ines Cecilia Silva


Financially supported by
Stadt Linz / Linz Kultur

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